Electric kettle Techwood TB-1106 (black)
Prekės kodas: 3976114541869

Electric kettle Techwood TB-1106 (black)

Prekės kodas: 3976114541869
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Electric kettle TB-1106 Techwood (black).

If you need a kettle that is energy efficient and handy, the Techwood Electric Kettle will do the job perfectly. It draws only 750 to 900 watts when heating water, and thanks to its safety lid, you won't get burned by boiling water or steam. The kettle has a 1L capacity, so it's perfect for travel and small spaces.

Interesting design

Despite its small size, the kettle presents a very aesthetic appearance. This makes it easy to find a place for it in a modern kitchen. The small size will make it easy to store it on any kitchen countertop, even if the area of the apartment is not too large. It will work great in a room in a dormitory or a camping house.

Safe and economical

When cooking, the kettle draws 750-950 watts of power, so it will not overload the home or camping power grid, protecting it from overloading. Moreover, thanks to its automatic shut-off and overheat protection, it will be completely safe in any conditions.


Manufacturer Techwood
Model TB-1106
Capacity 1L
Power 750-900W
Power supply 220-240V ~50/60Hz
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